Hello and Welcome.

Throughout this website, you may notice a theme of a man made stone structure called an Inukshuk.

Found in the vast desolate regions of the Arctic, the Inukshuk is used as a navigation aid, pointing those in need to food, shelter, safety, and more. Without an Inukshuk, lost in such a perilous environment a traveler may be in serious danger. An Inukshuk is a welcome sight- It says, 'People have been here before; you're on the right path'.Today, this serves as a reminder that we always have a choice in the direction we choose to take in our lives.

In the same way, when people are at an emotionally uncertain time, suffering from psychological distress, Health Psychology Group provides a beacon of hope providing specialized resources to facilitate recovery.

May the Inukshuk be your guide for a safe journey through life’s travels, helping you to restore direction.

Regards, Dr. Jakob Steinberg, PhD.