Jakob Steinberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Jakob Steinberg is the Clinical Director of Health Psychology Group in Randolph, New Jersey. His practice is specialized in the cognitive behavioral management of traumatic stress, anxiety disorders and depression. He works with Police Officers, Corrections Officers, victims of crime, individuals impacted by automobile or other accidents, grief and bereavement as well as other specialized cases. He incorporates stress management into his sessions and focuses on managing the impact of events.

He is a licensed psychologist in the State of New Jersey, and is Board Certified as a Fellow and Diplomate,by the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists. He is Board Certified as a Senior Disability Analyst and Diplomate, by the American Board of Disability Analysts, a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and Diplomate in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

He is a Professor of Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ for the past 34 years and served as the Director of the Applied Social and Community Psychology Graduate Training Program.In 2001, Dr. Steinberg was appointed the position of Clinical Associate Professor at UMDNJ in the Department of Psychiatry.
He has provided numerous training programs in the area of trauma at UMDNJ for professionals and students. In 2003, Dr. Steinberg was granted the position of Staff Privilegee, in the Department of Psychiatry at Morristown Memorial Hospital. He is the Psychologist on the Multi-Disciplinary Trauma Team in the Department of Surgery. He has served on the Trauma Multi-Disciplinary Committee and Emergency Preparedness Committee at Morristown Memorial.

He has years of experience providing therapy for individuals and groups who have been impacted by traumatic events in their lives. Dr. Steinberg is a court qualified expert witness. He has performed fitness for duty evaluations for police officers and represented on their behalf in the Pension disability process. Dr.Steinberg has served as an expert in Pension Board Hearings in the area of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. He has advocated for officers and provided treatment in the aftermath of critical incidents and following other work related problems. He is a member of the National Police Defense Foundation.

Dr. Steinberg has had the opportunity to work as a trauma psychologist on many large scale disasters. Dr. Steinberg also worked with victims and emergency responders after the September 11th terrorist attack.

He is the President of Crisis Recovery Services - Corporate and Community Response Ability™,a consulting firm that specializes in managing the human impact of crisis for communities and Corporate Business Continuity Planning.